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To all our customers,
The requirements of the international International Standard, ISO 17025:2005, have an impact on the process of the calibration of your test equipment.
ISO 17025:2005 requires an "AS FOUND" calibration of your test equipment. An adjustment of your instrument may only be performed when the results of calibration of your instrument are found to be out of its specifications. An adjustment of your instrument will then be followed by an "AS-LEFT" calibration.
Hardware and software changes performed on your instrument may also influence its behavior, which may require an adjustment as well as an additional calibration.
A calibration of your instrument with both "AS FOUND" and "AS-LEFT" has an additional cost of 50 % over a normal WKS or DAkkS calibration
We are responding to these requirements and are changing the calibraton process in our laboratory in accordance with ISO 17025:2005 for a DAkkS accredited calibration laboratory.
You will receive an "AS-FOUND" calibration certificate as long as there are no technical related problems with your instrument and neither an adjustment nor hardware or software changes were made.
It is our intention to provide you with service which you can expect from 1A CAL GmbH, and would kindly ask you to help us in responding to the requirements of the ISO 17025:2005.
We created a form called

Calibration Request Form

Online Cal Request Form

that will help to fulfill all of the requirements of the ISO 17025.

We kindly ask you to fill out this "Calibration Request Form" prior to the calibration of your instrument. You have the possibilities, perhaps while making an appointment for the calibration of your instrument, to either send it in via telefax or e-mail to the address and fax number shown on the request form.

Please show your understanding, that we may not be able to work on your instrument before you have filled out the form. A promised shipping date or appointments for calibration may only be kept if the form is filled out and sent to us prior to the appointment.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on +49 - 561 - 491 7448 - 0 or mail to

Kassel December 2010

Karl-Peter Lallmann
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)