Dear Customers,
An individual’s professional career, though punctuated with highs and lows, tend to engrave their life. Little did I appreciate that fact when I was beginning my career in metrology and mine has been no different. Looking back, my career in metrology extends some thirty years, twenty-six of which was spent at the Fluke® Germany Service Center, formerly in Kassel, but my knowledge and enthusiasm of and for metrology has consistently grown throughout my career.
Recently, the circumstances surrounding the closure of the Kassel facility , however, have precipitated the creation of a new chapter in my life. At a time when many are settled professionally into their careers, the need to change was thrust upon me; the courage required to grasp it, along with the availability and support of a great team, left no choice but me to form what I believe is one of Germany’s foremost calibration facilities, 1A CAL GmbH.
Today, I continue my work in metrology, growing, moving forward, and making my own mark. From the past, however, a quote persists, underlining the efforts of the Company and myself, going forward:
"We recognize that the customer is our boss; we exist to serve his needs and he has a right to get a little more than he thinks he paid for."
[ John M. Fluke, Sr., Founder, John Fluke Mfg. Co., Inc. (later Fluke Corporation) ]

Yours Sincerely,

Karl-Peter Lallmann